As you might have guessed, since restarting my blog I’ve been struggling, and I mean really struggling with keeping up relevant and appropriate content. I get sudden bursts of motivation but they seem to rapidly waver and I’m left looking at my archive wondering where it all went wrong. 

So recently I decided to invest a little bit more in my writing, as in spend some actual money and make more out of my blog because I know it’s something I enjoy. 
One of the things I spent a little bit of money on is Dana Fox‘s 365 Blog Topic Ideas: For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing To Write About

I cannot praise this little blue book enough, and that’s no exaggeration. I sort of paid for this on a whim and I regretted it until I actually received it. All of the other reading I’ve done to try spark some ideas for content has been tedious, boring and seriously irrelevant to the topics I enjoy writing about. Some ideas have even been, dare I say it, lame. 
365 Blog Topic Ideas is an easy read, there’s no waffle, it’s versatile to any sort of blog whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, beauty blogger, music blogger or just a bit of everything, pretty much every single blog topic suggested can be adapted to suit you and your writing style. 
I guess reading it some of the ideas seem pretty obvious, but when you’re in a slump these are the sorts of things you struggle even thinking of. Now when it comes to me really sitting down and writing, I make a point of turning to a random page in the book and seeing what it throws at me and let me tell you, some of what I think will be my best blogging work is sitting in my drafts. 
I feel like this is the kick up the backside I needed to really take more pride in what I do. No more making posts for the sake of writing something because people don’t want to read that. I take my time, I put a real effort into everything I’m going to start to put out there onto the Internet and I seriously do thank Dana Fox for that.

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