I know better than most how annoying it is when you really want to exercise but at the same time you also really want to sit in bed on your day off and drink a gallon of coffee. That’s why it’s really important to make sure you find something you enjoy! There’s a variety of workouts I favour in the morning so I figured it may help those of you still trying to find ‘The One’ if I shared mine.

Get the dog out. Even better if you live somewhere beautiful like I do but there’s nothing like getting outside at the crack of dawn, cold morning air in my face and four legged friend in tow. I like to get out for at least half an hour and if Bobby is feeling up to it I try to get a jog on for around half of it. It’s nothing strenuous so you can get straight out before you eat (as long as you take a bottle of water with you!) and it’s not going to leave you fatigued for the rest of the day. 
Yoga. Something I’m pretty new to but I am seeing the benefits. It sets you up for the day brilliantly, gets you in a fantastic frame of mind, aids flexibility, breathing, and again, perfect if you can’t stomach food first thing but want to get moving a little. Yoga is also the perfect thing to open up your body and wake you up – sometimes I don’t even drink my morning coffee afterwards and if there’s one thing I love, it’s coffee! 
YouTube workouts. I especially like going to good old Carly Rowena for this. She is f o r e v e r uploading diet tips, meal plans, challenges and my favourite part, seriously quick and effective workouts. In the morning I don’t like to spend too long doing any one thing, I usually give myself about a 20 minute window before I decide I NEED a coffee in my life, so it isn’t exactly ideal for me to go to the gym. Carly is so easy to watch, so knowledgeable and just so likeable!

I try to alternate through these and I try to get my morning exercise in at least 4 times a week, at least then if my day fills up stupidly quickly I know I’ve at least done something. In addition to this, exercise speeds up your metabolism, releases serotonin and generally wakes everything up by getting oxygen pumping. Need any more of a reason?

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