methods of contraception to help practice safe sex

I’ve been contemplating doing some sort of “sex series” for a seriously long time and the response I got from polls etc have been very split with this one; however I realised I didn’t give out a lot of information about the content of the posts which I don’t think helped. So, if you’re here to find out my favourite position, sex toy etc then you will be disappointed! I’m here to talk about some genuine issues that could help others – the first post as you’ve probably already noticed is contraception.

Since turning 16 my mum was very eager to make sure I was safe considering that was the grand age she managed to get herself pregnant and shunned by everyone. Even though I wasn’t actually sexually active yet (whether she believed me or not is a different story) she actually asked me if I’d consider getting the implant put in. I agreed.

methods of contraception to help practice safe sex

So I had that bad boy lodged in my arm for three years and while YES it was very effective (I didn’t once get pregnant, huzzah!) I absolutely hated it. I gained about 3 stone, my periods all but stopped, I was cranky, bloated and just all round miserable. Don’t ask me why I didn’t get it taken out sooner because I honestly couldn’t tell you.

After that I decided to go onto the pill. I forget the exact name but my doctor always referred to it as the ‘mini pill’ – you take it every single day without having a week off like you do with most pills and you still have your periods, supposedly regularly. I did not. Sometimes I had two or three a month, sometimes I didn’t have one for 6 months. I actually tried the pill up until about 8 or 9 months ago. I came off it mainly because unfortunately I did get pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried (although more on that insanely touchy subject another time).

I contemplated the injection, I contemplated the coil but right now I’m happy just being careful. I am reading up a lot about the IUD or copper coil as it doesn’t release hormones which is one thing I probably don’t need any more of! I always find sites such as NHS Direct really useful when I want to get more information on practically anything medical but I’m too shy to ask. If you’re interested you can read more about the copper coil here, as well as other options.

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At the end of it it all boils down to this: finding a contraception that works for you is hard and chances are it will take time. There are horror stories out there for literally everything going but just because something doesn’t work for your friend that doesn’t mean you won’t love it! All I can ever recommend is doing your research thoroughly, consulting a doctor or a nurse and most importantly trying things out for yourself. For example I know people who swear by the implant and would never look back, same applies with the pill. Out of curiosity, what sort of birth control do you take and how do you find it works with you? Let’s talk about it – we’re all friends here.

Read The Modern Woman’s Guide To Contraception and this article from the FPA if you’re looking for advice on contraception.

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