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There’s absolutely nothing I love more than scrolling endlessly through beautiful Instagram feeds and going full stalker mode and liking photos from back in 2013 – if it’s pretty, I’m basically game. I have 0 shame when it comes to liking old photos. So I figured it was probably about time I shared all of my favourite feeds with everyone and hopefully spread a little beauty. I’m talking Instagram accounts to make you feel more positive, accounts that create the worst kind of home envy and feeds that are just plain stunning.

keep it bright instagram screen grab


First of all I bring to you a long time acquaintance of mine from my home town of Manchester, born and raised – the wonderful Zara Khalique of the Keep It Bright positivity movement. I mentioned Zara in my Three Things To Be Thankful For Everyday post back in February and whenever it comes to anything to help you stay positive or to provide hourly mantras I’m always going to go back to Zara. If you’re ever feeling down, go to Zara’s instagram feed. Want a bit of wanderlust? Zara’s feed. Wanna check out some sweet threads? Zara’s feed.

home interior instagram feed


And huge home envy was had by all. Holy crap, I honestly sometimes just aimlessly scroll through Michelle’s feed – and you can see even more at The Design Chaser website. Of course most things are grey and white which really speaks to me, everything is so elegantly laid out and I just can’t help but get a little bit excited when something new comes up on my instagram feed. If you have a reason not to follow The Design Chaser please, fill me in.

the last souvenir instagram feed


I’ve mentioned Katie at The Last Souvenir on my blog before in my Current Blog Favourites that I of course never did a follow up on. Turns out, her instagram feed is pretty stunning too! If you’re into all of the crisp white sheets in photos and desserts to die for you can count on Katie to bring it to you every single time. It’s basically every blogger’s dream instagram feed and I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I’ve probably liked every damn photo on there.

the kitty luxe instagram feed


Anybody who wants serious outfit envy, photographer envy and absolute face envy I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You might also know her as The Kitty Luxe – with me? Thought you might be. Not only is Holly absolutely drop dead gorgeous and has outfits to die for, she’s genuinely wonderful and such a treat to have on any sort of social media feed going.

imii mace instagram feed


Last but certainly not least is a instagram account and blog I’ve only very recently discovered but I’m not lying when I say it’s absolutely to die for. This wonderful girl lives in Paris so of course, jealousy all round and every single blogger can relate. If you’re interested in more I suggest heading over to nettle&blackberry and having a good gawp – I do! All day every day.

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