a strong desire to travel 

Just recently I’ve really been feeling it. You know, when you’re just absolutely itching to get up and get out and away from everything, even just for a couple of days? But with just having forked out Lord knows what for the house with yet more still leaving our bank accounts no sooner have the wages gone in, it’s getting difficult to plan anything. So to make matters worse, here’s a nice long list of the next few places I want to visit, some gorgeous pictures to amp up the desire to get up and go, and some of the sights there that I’m desperate to feast my eyes on.

Village in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic.

I want to wander around the old town square, see the sights and genuinely just be there. I’ve a few friends who have been and honestly? It looks absolutely beautiful. I wish I had more legitimate reasons but I honestly don’t, so just have a nosey at some beautiful photos.

Kraków Poland


I’d literally go anywhere in Poland, it’s such a beautiful country and a friend of mine from work is actually from there. Of course I’d like to do the obvious and go to Auschwitz, not to be morbid but it’s a piece of history that we can’t exactly ignore. I’ve done the Anne Frank House already so this is another on my bucket list.


Again, I would honestly go anywhere. The perfect rolling hills, mind blowingly clear lakes. Plus they have the large hadron collider at CERN, something I’ve been absolutely desperate to see since I was 15. I couldn’t visit Switzerland and not see it – I’d never forgive myself!

Obviously there’s about a thousand and one places I want to visit in my life time but these three seem to be the few that are more likely to happen in the next couple of years. Thankfully I have Gary, who actually isn’t that into travelling but he’ll sort of just go with it if it makes me happy and as long as it doesn’t cost the earth so I’m sure I can deliver him all of the pros of these few places and get something booked for the near future!

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