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It’s no news that, despite the fact that it’s 2016 and come on, people know that people have sex, there’s still so much stigma around sex itself and being open about your sexuality. People nowadays are still shunned left right and centre for being open and honest about their sex lives as if you’re the spawn of Satan. Being open about sex leads you to all sorts of labels; you’re a crude, you’re a slag, you name it. Yet why, in a society that’s so advanced, are we still so behind when it comes to something as normal and natural as sex?

The worst part of the level of stigma there is surrounding sex, particularly those who enjoy shall we say, regular sex, is that the insults are usually girl on girl. “She’s a massive slag”, “she’s a slut” to name a few. Yet the question is this: why is enjoying sex and being open about it such a terrible thing to so many?

Yes, there are some big brand names that I truly believe are helping to fight the stigma surrounding sex, particularly for women. Women’s Health Magazine is one I’m particularly fond of and it’s known for it’s saucier articles (as well as of course those relating to health and fitness which is a massive bonus). Of course despite this there is still all sorts of disgrace related around sex. You can download the Women’s Health Magazine app for iPhone and android.

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If you bear in mind different generations behaving differently (I.e I definitely wouldn’t discuss by sex life with my grandma but with my good old mum and older sister I’m more than happy to) you can sort of understand it. The old lady on the bus is bound to be appalled if she overhears you telling your best pal about your most recent conquests, but the worst of it occurs when people who are supposedly supposed to be forward thinking are totally against the idea.

And how do we beat the stigma? The simple answer is this: we don’t. Somebody somewhere is always going to think that a certain girl is a slag – hell, somebody somewhere probably thinks you’re a slag. The honest truth is that you’re never going to please everybody, but if we all do our bit somehow everything will get a little bit better. As women we shouldn’t be slut shaming others, mainly because honestly it really isn’t nice. And if we’re all just that little more open about sex and that little bit more confident speaking about it all we can hope is that in time the stigma falls away with it.

I would honestly love to know your opinions too as to why there’s so much stigma around sex! Leave them below and I’ll reply to all of them.