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Author: Vicky Reilly

I’m A Libra And I’m Outraged

  So as probably every single person on Facebook or Twitter has noticed, near enough every bodies star sign has totally changed – the first I heard of it was this article by Cosmopolitan. As ridiculous as I’m about to sound, I’m kind of a little annoyed about the whole thing. I mean I’m not one of those people who’s madly into horoscopes and charging crystals and the powers of the universe and all that jazz – don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with it if you are! – but I did sort of believe a little something about my star sign really seeming to relate to me. That meant something to me. Scorpios are often described as being fiery, independent and determined individuals who never give up and that spoke to me. They’re also described as being complicated and misunderstood, sometimes difficult to have a relationship with (be it romantic or friendly) which without going too far into the ins and outs of my complex personality is pretty true. Now I’m being told that I’m a Libra and it sort of feels like now there isn’t a whole lot of meaning to the reasons I gave to having certain personality traits. It’s totally irrational and it shouldn’t matter yet somehow I’ve found that it does. Libras are known as being gentle, social and are said to avoid confrontation....

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Styling My Wrists With Abbott Lyon

So I basically have the best boyfriend ever and I promise this isn’t a bragging post! I’ve been after a new watch for a seriously long time –  I’ve never been a wrist jewellery kind of gal but I decided it was time for me to grow up, act a little more adult and get my hands on a classy looking watch and Gary honestly found exactly that for me. I mentioned the possibility of a new watch for my birthday (which is in November) and I sent him over a link to Abbott Lyon. I didn’t point out...

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Stigma

Read Part One, “Let’s Talk About Sex: Contraception” here. It’s no news that, despite the fact that it’s 2016 and come on, people know that people have sex, there’s still so much stigma around sex itself and being open about your sexuality. People nowadays are still shunned left right and centre for being open and honest about their sex lives as if you’re the spawn of Satan. Being open about sex leads you to all sorts of labels; you’re a crude, you’re a slag, you name it. Yet why, in a society that’s so advanced, are we still so...

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wanderlust (n)

a strong desire to travel  Just recently I’ve really been feeling it. You know, when you’re just absolutely itching to get up and get out and away from everything, even just for a couple of days? But with just having forked out Lord knows what for the house with yet more still leaving our bank accounts no sooner have the wages gone in, it’s getting difficult to plan anything. So to make matters worse, here’s a nice long list of the next few places I want to visit, some gorgeous pictures to amp up the desire to get up...

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Five Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow Vol. 1

There’s absolutely nothing I love more than scrolling endlessly through beautiful Instagram feeds and going full stalker mode and liking photos from back in 2013 – if it’s pretty, I’m basically game. I have 0 shame when it comes to liking old photos. So I figured it was probably about time I shared all of my favourite feeds with everyone and hopefully spread a little beauty. I’m talking Instagram accounts to make you feel more positive, accounts that create the worst kind of home envy and feeds that are just plain stunning. @keepitbright First of all I bring to...

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